The Baltimore area's experts at keeping families and businesses safe from toxic mold.

Raven is your affordable, local certified expert providing mold inspection and remediation which takes unhealthy homes and turns them into healthy, mold free environments.

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Raven Mold & Remediation is a family-owned, local and certified company serving the Harford and Baltimore areas for over a decade. Get your FREE INSPECTION today – contact us at 410-746-0423, or use the contact form below.

2 generations of being local family-owned and operated!

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Mold inspections done by certified professionals!

Flexible availability and rapid responses to handle your mold issues as soon as possible!


Raven Mold & Remediation is offering a service using RMR-141 RTU, a disinfectant and cleaner which KILLS COVID-19!

We offer this service for both residential and commercial properties such as schools, nursing homes, and more.

Get in touch with us to learn more and get protected from COVID-19!

About Raven Mold Inspection & Remediation

In 2009, Russell Michael, owner of Raven Mold Remediation, observed a need for a straightforward solution without scare tactics and absorbent costs. After the housing crisis of 2008 many properties sat vacant for years which resulted in no electricity which led to flooding in lower levels due to sump pump failure which resulted and severe mold damage. Along with that came bank properties that weren’t property maintained which had small plumbing issues that resulted in major mold problems because the homes sat vacant. 

For over 10 years now, it has been our mission to provide certified mold remediation being transparent and trustworthy to our customers. Our goal is the success of getting your home or business to a healthy home or business. Raven Mold will explain the process of your needs and how to maintain a healthy environment for years to follow.

While every situation is different some are minor and others major, all can be very serious if action is not taken and some molds can cause serious health consequences. We will explain our process and our procedures in layman terms and offer guidance to keep your space free of mold in the future. Raven Mold is a family owned business and we take pride in getting your home or office to a healthy space once again.

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